Why are people ditching traditional cigarette rolling tips for glass?

More and more of us are searching for a way to take our passions for cigarettes to a new level. Many will be familiar with creating stability for their cigarettes with the use of a rolling tip, and using a glass tip eliminates the need for a paper wrap to create a base for the cigarette, which results in less chance of crumbling the cigarettes.  In comparison to traditional cardboard tips, a glass rolling tip consumes the majority of the heat which results in less possibility of burning our fingers. One of the reasons glass tips are becoming more widely used is down to their mess-free design and reusability. After finishing a cigarette, it is pretty straightforward to clean the glass tip for next use. This is a massive time-saver for many of us on the go.  Although many glass rolling tips come with it as standard, its beneficial to consider a product that offers a pinch in the glass. This feature is in place to block the ability for herbs to come into contact with your mouth. Thanks to the intuitive design of many glass cigarette tips, its also much less likely that the presence of tar will be found on your lips or fingers after use.